Author: Loren Davis
January 02, 2019

Copyright 2011 Loren Davis


INTERFAITH is a cunning and seducing spirit coming in the name of love, unity and peace to change the world.

REVELATION. 17:2 “The GREAT WHORE (apostate church) committed fornication with THE KINGS OF THE EARTH (political).
Judges 2:2 “Make NO LEAGUE with the inhabitants of this land; ye shall THROW DOWN THEIR ALTARS.”

AMERICA IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CHRISTIAN NATION. We have churches on every street corner and many Christian TV networks, but simultaneously America and the world are becoming more secular and pagan by the day. Instead of the Church being an obstacle to this downward spiral, it has become an ally, even facilitating the moral demise. How could this be happening?

USA TODAY, January 2011, reported that in 2010, that 41% of the children born in America were born to unwed mothers: 73% blacks ; 53% Hispanics; 29% whites, not including THE DEATHS BY abortion. It also reported that 75% of youth in America can’t qualify for military service because they are either obese; in such bad health or incompetent to pass the basic competency test.

THIS IS THE NEW AND IMPROVED AMERICA that has rejected the Bible; has promoted the pleasures of sin; and whose main passion is materialism.This New America is the product of the ‘New Christianity’.A recent analysis was put out that in one hundred years Christianity will no longer exist in America.

ORIGINAL CHRISTIANITY STANDS ON THE FIVE PILLARS OF FAITH, The FUNDAMENTALS OF THE BIBLE: the Virgin Birth of Christ (That JESUS CHRIST was born of a virgin human (Mary); the Divinity of Christ because he was GOD come down to man specifically to redeem hi   and His blood was divine and pure,not man's blood contaminated by sin, the Atonement by the perfect and pure shed blood of Christ on the Cross to take away the sin; the bodily resurrection of Christ because His perfect and pure Blood was accepted by God for the payment of man's sin, and the Inerrancy of the scriptures dictated to Holy Men of Old by God.

It also stands for keeping The Ten Commandments written by the Hand of God to Moses for His people to follow ; the Baptism of the Holy Spirit; that God is a God of miracles; there is only one Savior, Jesus Christ; and that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to heaven. 

Acts 20:29-31 “For I know this, that after my departing shall GRIEVOUS WOLVES enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, SPEAKING PERVERSE THINGS,to draw away disciples after them.Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I CEASED NOT TO WARN EVERY ONE NIGHT AND DAY WITH TEARS.”
Through Rome’s emperor Constantine in 300 A.D., the Roman government took over the Roman Church; centralized it; and reformed it by merging his Sol Invictus sun god religion with Roman Christianity.This, in effect, turned Christianity into a hybrid religion with openly practicing idolatry and not to follow the teachings of Jesus. (See the article:‘The Roman Church’s Disagreements with the Bible’). This church became known as Roman Catholicism which asserted itself and, claimed to be the exclusive church of Christianity.It had zero tolerance for any other form of Christianity.People either came under the Roman Church or were tortured and killed.That’s history.This was the political takeover of Christianity by the Roman government, the same government that crucified Christ.

The Anglican Church that later arose, broke off from the Roman Church.Like its Roman counterpart it also became corrupt.Emulating the Roman emperor, the King of England also took on the role as not only the head of state, but also the head of the Church.Once again, the government took over Christianity even redefining its doctrines. 
Different MAINLINE DENOMINATIONS sprang up seeking to return Christianity to its original roots. Many denominations started out well, but most have changed. The PENTECOSTAL MOVEMENT rose up out of these denominations seeking to return to what the early Book of Acts church was like.Pentecost soon divided into two camps, the Trinitarians and the Oneness. Then the CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT rose up where pastors from mainline denominations also wanted to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.This movement soon became corrupt because its ministers insisted on bringing along with them many of their diverse corrupt denominational doctrines.The Charismatic Movement then became a freelance form of Christianity that took great liberty in interpreting the Scriptures.Its main emphasis evolved into primarily focusing on money and riches, and the message of ‘SOW YOUR SEED’.

THE ECUMENICAL Movement arose seeking to reunify Christianity.This originally was promoted by the Roman Catholics then the Charismatics.Its objective was to unify all Christian denominations.The problem with this was its attempt to unify Christianity at the expense of sound Bible doctrine or truth. Most ministerial associations are ecumenical.The ecumenical movement has now evolved into being INTERFAITH.Many ministerial associations are now made up of clergy of all religions: Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Unitarians, etc.Interfaith is being promoted by the U.N.

TONY BLAIR, the  former Prime Minister of the U.K. organized his INTERFAITH FOUNDATION and is working with major evangelical leaders from the INTERFAITH Movement and is evolving into  what is being known as THE EMERGENT CHURCH.

EMERGENT comes from the word MERGING, meaning coming together, i.e.: merging traffic onto a FREEWAY from side streets;different streams merging together to make one river.Now traffic and all streams become one and go in the same direction.Merging is literally a melting pot where everything is thrown into the pot like a stew and assimilates into one.From many becoming one. Emergent emphasizes ONENESS.

First, there is a TRANSITIONAL PERIOD.This is the period or process of metamorphosis of slowly changing from being one thing into becoming something else;i.e: a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. 
TRANSFORMATION. This is the end product of transition, Because most people are resistant to change, often the transitional period leading to transformation is disguised so it will happen without ever being noticed.

This is merging businesses together to make a mega business; i.e.: mega oil companies.Often this happens by a TAKE OVER OF BUSINESSES FROM THE INSIDE or a hostile, forcible takeover, from the OUTSIDE.THIS IS CENTRALIZING BUSINESS which eliminates competition and creates monopolies like Walmart. Now they can set prices however they will and no one can do anything about it.
FOREIGN TAKEOVER OF BUSINESS.In America as well as throughout the world, we see that foreigners are taking over businesses.They buy in a depressed economy and gain control of national economies.This causes the local people to lose power over their economies which affects politics and the direction of a nation.
Social movements today: Instead of nations being economically independent, all nations are now interdependent. That is why it is now possible to have a global depression under the right conditions.

In early America, education was private and Christian oriented. For example, Harvard was a Divinity school.It was slowly taken over by the Unitarians who believe that there are many ways to God, not just through Jesus Christ.They then merged Unitarian teachings with Christianity until it totally transformed Harvard. Harvard and other Ivy League schools who were all originally Christian, have now become the biggest enemies of Christ and the Bible.Harvard has become the role model that other universities emulate. Now public education is anti-Bible, anti-Christ,  and is against Biblical morality and promotes evolution..Christian tax dollars now pay to indoctrinate our children to be atheistic pagans. Drug abuse, fornication, homosexuality and lesbianism are prolific in the schools.The boundaries are gone. 

Now, CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES that are accredited by the state, must comply to state regulations and teach from the same text books and ideologies as the secular universities.Accredited Christian schools are teaching evolution and socialism, and liberal philosophy.Faith in the Bible is being destroyed even inside many Christian schools
STUDENTS ARE TAUGHT IN MOST PUBLIC SCHOOLS THAT PARENTS KNOW NOTHING.The state has assumed the role of parent in training children.Christian parents find themselves losing their kids to the educational system as their authority.

Marxist transformation: Marxism which is an atheistic, anti-Bible, anti-Christ ideology has taken over the public education system decades ago.The U.N. is promoting a UNIVERSAL EDUCATION FOR ALL NATIONS.This is the reason so many students from Third World countries are brought to the U.K. and the U.S. and given scholarships. With this strategy all nations will receive the same education and will be on the same page, and think alike.Among the tribes in Africa, they have brought this same  type of education to them. They are training the youth to be clones of the new world system.

Now students are conditioned to view themselves as ‘world citizens’. Nationalism is frowned upon. They are all taught to think the same and to come into total uniformity.Independent thinkers are marked as dangerous and social outcasts.In many nations parents send their children to boarding schools from an early age, and wonder why they lose them. 

The news used to come from local or national sources.These local and national news sources have now merged with the mega International news networks which are centralized. This gives the international news networks tremendous power.All these news networks are ideologically liberal and have their agendas to promote.Reporting is not unbiased.Instead of just reporting events, networks often use events to create history.They not only have so much power that they can manipulate public opinion, they also are capable of inciting revolutions and controlling elections.Most international news agencies are anti-Christian and are master psychologists. 

Most TV shows and movies have grown increasingly immoral.Many of them are filthy and defile the viewers and destroy the innocence in the young. Most  have a political agenda, promote globalism, and are anti- Christian and defiant of the Bible’s teachings.The entertainment industry has by and large turned into a propaganda machine which is merging the whole world into an amoral, atheistic, godless culture. TV programs and movies coming out of Hollywood are now being broadcast worldwide as well as being made available internationally on DVD. These programs and movies are changing the cultures around the world, and bringing about a one world culture. It is the culture of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Different political ideological streams are merging together and unifying in one river.Socialism is merging with capitalism or free enterprise; and pluralism is absorbing individualism. There is no room for free thinkers.Independent thinkers are viewed as the biggest danger.

In America, Republicans and Democrats end up voting the same way.In the end, they all seem to be globalists, socialists, and Universalists.
HERDING THE MASSES, merging the races, cultures and religions together is being done through education, news, TV, radio, books and now even Christian churches.America today, still seems to looks the same.It has the SAME COVER on the outside, but the content has changed. America is now a revised version of what it once was.

The concept of an institution like the U.N. to help broker peace between warring nations and assisting in giving humanitarian aid to those who are facing national disasters is a good idea, but it has gone too far and overstepped its boundaries.
The U.N. is the force that is pushing globalism. It wants to rule the world by uniting the nations around a common universal altar of consensus and uniformity through its plan of social engineering.It is now seeking to unite different political and religious streams to flow together and become one.The problem is, how can Islam, Hinduism and Christianity unite? The majority of the U.N. members do not believe in Christ or the Bible.In fact, most of them are anti-Bible and anti-Christ. Those who do believe are shocked and get a good lesson before their terms are up and return to their home country.

UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY is a mantra for the U.N.They promote that there are no absolutes.The U.N.’s objective is to create a melting pot where people of different races, cultures and nationalities will assimilate.They want everyone to lose their identity and all merge into one.Their concept is that it is a small world and different races and cultures must learn to get along and live peaceably together.That is true, but the problem includes wanting to merge religions together.The U.N. says that no religion has a corner on truth. 
They tolerate all kind of diversity of religion with the exception of Jesus Christ and Biblical Christianity.RELATIONSHIPS, GETTING ALONG WITH OTHER  IS EVERYTHING. PEACE AT ANY PRICE, ANY COMPROMISE. 
The group is more important than the individual.IT’S ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY, COMMUNALISM, ONE WORLD, THE WORLD COMMUNITY.
Their objective is to make everyone part of A GROUP.First there is evolution of the of thought; then the evolution of the group; then the evolution of the individual; then the evolution of religion; and finally the evolution of politics.One makes confessions of one’s social sins to the group, instead of confession of one’s sins to Christ for breaking God’s laws. 
TRUTH IS NO LONGER BASED ON THE BIBLE BUT ON THE CONSENSUS OPINION OF THE GROUP.Social change comes by compromise.Whatever is good for the group.
The U.N. says their objective is harmony and world peace, but the truth is their objective is to control the masses; end individualism and freedom; and to bring about uniformity of thought and religion. In effect, this would prohibit evangelization which they label proselytizing, saying this would not be conducive to peace.
THE U.N.’S PHILOSOPHY IS IDENTICAL WITH THE THAT OF THE NEW AGE.THERE IS NO EXCLUSIVE SAVIOR.We must be willing to give up our belief system and values for peace.In so many words, nothing is worth fighting for. Unity through compromise.No one can be dogmatic about his religion.What they are saying in essence is to have world peace,EVERYONE MUST BECOMES AN ATHEIST.THE WORLD GOVERNMENT IN REALITY BECOMES GOD.THIS IS THE PHILOSOPHY OF NEBUCHADNEZZAR AND OF THE MARXISTS. Most of Christianity is now inadvertently following the drum beat of the U.N.

A byproduct of this merging is that nations will have to lose their sovereignty.How? By taking aid and money.YOU DON’T GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING.Aid is great and compassion is wonderful unless strings are attached.Unfortunately, strings ARE attached.What does the U.N. want? Absolute control.

At the 2000 MILLENNIUM GLOBAL SUMMIT, it was voted that THE U.N. would become a CENTRAL WORLD GOVERNMENT.Signatories to this was Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Chirac, Putin, and Zeming of China.

This will be achieved by FIRST UNITING THE WORLD REGIONALLY:The European Union; African Union, North American Union, Arab League or Union, and Asian Union. Then it will be easy to unite all the regions together into a world government.The U.N. is sponsoring the regional uniting. The final step is that the whole world will be under a central government under the coming Antichrist. (See the articles: ‘A Central World Government is Coming’, ‘Could the Veri-Chip be the Mark of the Beast?’
Islam is not the greatest threat. The greatest threat is globalization and the secularization of the world under the coming Antichrist. 
Rev 13:7-8 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and POWER WAS GIVEN HIM OVER ALL KINDRED'S, AND TONGUES, AND NATIONS.

Rev 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which DECEIVES THE WHOLE WORLD: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. KJV

WHY IS CHAOS HAPPENING IN SO MANY ISLAMIC ARAB NATIONS? WHY ARE THEY HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME?Is it just a mere coincidence?The Islamic Arab nations must be pacified before a Central World government can rule the world.

In Clinton’s Global Initiative he focuses heavily on religion.He believes that Christianity and its pastors must be pacified because he sees them as obstructionists to world peace.His plan is to make pastors and clergy his partners instead of adversaries.This is being achieved by using the churches and pastors to funnel humanitarian aid through.FAITH BASE INITIATIVES is a political program that was designed so the government would finance humanitarian aid programs through religious institutions.By funneling the finances for aid through churches, this would enable the political to set the rules and control them.The Clinton Global Initiative strategy parallels the 2000 Millennium Summit of which Clinton was a signatory.(Google:The Clinton Global Initiative).

The communist have a plan to conquer America and the world.It is found in ‘THE 45 PLANKS OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO’.This can be googled.
No. 27 of the plan is…“Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with ‘social’ religion.Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a ‘religious’ crutch.”

When America was founded there was separation of Church and state.This was a reaction to England controlling religion.But now the state once again is trying to regulate what the church can preach, particularly regarding the gay and abortion issues.  The state, not the church or the Bible, now defines what the morals are for society.
MUCH OF THE CHURCH HAS CHANGED and become just a sounding board for SOCIAL JUSTICE,  HUMANITARIANISM, AND CARE FOR THE POOR INSTEAD OF BEING A SALVATION STATION AND A PLACE WHERE ONE IS TAUGHT GOD’S WORD.Christians want to help the poor, but humanitarianism, doing good works, has become the bait that has opened the door for unbelievers to take over the church and set its agenda.LIBERATION THEOLOGY is uniting church and government, until the church is now just another agency of the government.

Why would Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the U.K., suddenly get so interested in religion.His INTERFAITH program mirrors that of the U.N. of merging all religions together.Very interesting, RICK WARREN is on the advisory board of TONY BLAIR’S INTERFAITH FOUNDATION.Why would a pastor who is supposed to be a conservative, join with a major politician, to merge Christianity with other religions that do not believe in the Bible or Christ’s divinity? 
The Evangelicals are now split into two factions:The Evangelicals who are Fundamentalist Christians, and ‘The New Evangelicals’ who are against Fundamentalist Christianity.Rick Warren is one of the major leaders of The ‘NEW EVANGELICALS’.   The ‘New Evangelicals’ speak of Democratic pluralism which interpreted means that is Jesus is not the only way. 
The New Evangelicals do not want Fundamental Bible Christianity in the public square which includes television, radio and the internet.They say that it is not civil.It’s offensive to other religions.

The international political plan is to infiltrate Christianity and change its doctrines and belief system from within, then Christianity will be neutralized as an obstacle to the global agenda, which would facilitate the Antichrist forces taking over the world.This is a secular and pagan takeover of the church and the world.Spiritually, this is a Satanic plan.

Several years back it was noted the great decline in church attendance among many mainline denominations.Out of this observation came the CHURCH GROWTH MOVEMENT from Fuller Theological Seminary’s agents Peter Wagner and Rick Warren working with Robert Schuller.
CHRISTIANITY HAS CHANGED.It’s emphasis now is on being hi tech, seeker sensitive, socially acceptable and worldly.

It is different RELIGIOUS streams coming together unifying into one huge polluted river where nothing spiritually nothing can live.It is religion of dead works.
Rom 4:2 For “We are justified by faith in Christ, NOT WORKS alone.”

THE TRANSITIONAL CHURCH.This church is not completely pagan or Christian.It is a hybrid.   
TRANSFORMATION OF THE CHURCH.This is to change it from being a biblical Christian church into literally becoming a non-Christian church.
THE U.N. DEEMS IS NECESSARY TO MERGE ALL RELIGIONS AND POLITICS TOGETHER UNDER THE U.N. IN ORDER TO STOP CONFLICT AND TO BRING ABOUT ONENESS AND WORLD PEACE.   This will produce a World Church and World Government which will work compatibly together.Now the government will be the head of the church like the early Roman Church, the Anglican and like it is in China today.

2 Tim 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will NOT ENDURE SOUND DOCTRINE ; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

This ‘NEW’ CHRISTIANITY is a complex theology, often perverting the Greek to substantiate it.ORIGINAL BIBLE CHRISTIANITY is straightforward and simple.
DENOMINATIONS AND MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATIONS apply group peer pressure on the pastors to follow their denomination or associations consensus mindset.Independent thinkers (Bible believers, Fundamentalists), are not tolerated.

Pastors are now being called CHANGE AGENTS.These ‘change agents’ are mainly seeking social and political change.  Much of the Church has become arm of the political.The term ‘CHANGE AGENT’ is political, not biblical terminology.When they are talking about change, they are not talking about spiritual change, the new birth. Jn 3:3 
FUNDAMENTALISM TODAY IS EQUATED WITH EXTREMISM.Fundamentalist Christianity is put on the same level as Fundamentalist Muslims, which is totally unfair. Fundamentalist Christians are labeled non-conformists.Every attempt is being made to  vilify and shame us.Some of the Fundamentalist Christians biggest enemies are the‘New Evangelicals’ who are theologically and politically liberal.

RICK WARREN IS A SELF PROCLAIMED CHANGE AGENT who is at the top of this ‘New Evangelical’ food chain.He and his allies are trying to take over all of Christianity and make it conform to the ‘New Evangelicals’. 

Pastors of smaller churches feel insecure, and blindly follow the pied piper mega pastors.  
Marketers, marketing Christianity use psychology, business techniques to CHANGE CHRISTIANITY;   in other words do whatever it takes to grow and earn a profit.TRUTH IS OFFERED ON THE ALTAR OF GROWTH BY PREACHING AN INOFFENSIVE GOSPEL.
Use JESUS’ NAME, ‘doctrines of devils’ and ‘seducing spirits’ which are non-Christian are filling Christianity.How dare they still call this Christianity? 1 Tim. 4:1

Pastors are now being called ‘CHANGE AGENTS’.CHANGE AGENTS OF WHAT?AGENTS TO CHANGE CHRISTIANITY?That’s exactly what so many are doing.They are moving the church away from the Bible to psychology and social work, humanism.They are herding the unthinking church goers like they own the church.CHANGE AGENTS have one FOOT IN POLITICS and the OTHER one in the church.This is a political takeover of Christianity like happened in Rome and England.The state took over the church, defined its doctrines, and ran it
SUNDAY EVENINGS used to be for having great evangelistic services aimed at winning the lost and praying for the sick.Now in America, most churches have cancelled Sunday night services or replaced them with HOME CELL GROUPS.This is supposed to be for BIBLE STUDIES, but now many churches are using these cell groups to re-indoctrinate their people with this ‘New Christianity’ and to micro control their parishioners’ lives. This is not just haphazardly happening.Most SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES have been reduced to one hour.This service consists of top Christian entertainment often done by people who are not saved; and fifteen minute inoffensive, feel good message.The children and youth are taken out of the main service, and instead are taken to their own services which have become worldly and where they are being reprogrammed with this New ‘hip-hop’ Christianity.
Christian youth are being programmed to dress and act just like the world.This is being done in pretense to reach the world.What a massive change this has been.Their used to be GREAT YOUTH REVIVALS where youth were repenting of their sins; crying out to God getting their lives straightened out and being baptized in the Holy Ghost.I have seen adults stop youth prayer meetings at church because they thought they were praying too loud and being too demonstrative.This shut down of the move of God among the youth is SYSTEMATICALLY BEING ORCHESTRATED FROM THE TOP through church growth programs, pastors’ and youth conferences and religious books.What is being done in Christianity in America is being exported to other nations around the world.

Thank God for the great missionary men and women of the past who sacrificed so much to bring the Gospel to un-reached nations. They paid such a big price, but although there are still wonderful missionaries, most missionaries today are not the same as missionaries used to be.Instead of preaching the Gospel and seeking to save souls, most of them are involved in humanitarianism, good works and development. Humanitarian work, development and volunteering to do medical work are very important, but if they are not combined with winning souls to Christ; teaching and preaching the Bible, these are not biblical missions.The word ‘missionary’ has been hijacked.Most ‘missions’ giving in churches today are given for humanitarian and social work, not for winning the lost.What most modern day ‘missionaries’ are doing is literally diverting the funds from Christianity’s main mission of ‘PREACHING THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE’ so men can find eternal life, Mk 16:15;to doing social work.

CORRUPTING THE NATIONAL PASTORS.The problem that few want to look at is the misuse of the church and missions.Often one temporary missionary after another gets off the plane in Third World countries and the national pastors line up to welcome them.Many of these temporary missionaries come with a pure heart and there are also many good national pastors.But unfortunately, many of the pastors and visitors on both sides have hidden agendas.Most who come on ‘missions’ trips have not come to win the lost, but to bring their own particular doctrines and brand of Christianity to the local churches.Many of these teachings they bring are not scriptural, unsound.Most of the national pastors, especially in the cities, have learned how to play the visiting preachers, ‘missionaries’.At the same time, too many visiting preachers, ‘missionaries’, have learned how to get to the national pastor.They know the national pastor needs money and with money they can buy their way in to gain access to his church and people.This charade is being played out by both sides of the aisle every day.When this scenario is repeated by the national pastor by welcoming one visiting pastor or missionary after another not caring what doctrine they teach, this is completely corrupting the national pastor and bringing massive confusion to the indigenous church.It is damning Christianity not only in Africa, but this scenario is happening in all Third World countries.

TAKE OVER OF CHURCHES. Another issue is the hostile takeover of churches and denominations in foreign countries.This is being done by either seduction or by force. Big money is the tool driving and facilitating this.

As a missionary in Africa for  twenty-five years, I am appalled at the deadly rivalry there is in Christianity between different factions of Christianity. What I have noticed is that it is the ‘New Evangelical’ who are trying to take over the fundamentalist churches and change them.What is so deceptive about the ‘New Evangelicals’ is that they say they believe the Bible and believe in Christ, but they preach and behave opposite of what they say.They have no tolerance for those preaching the true Gospel, and there is nothing they won’t do to try to stop us or take over the churches.If allowed to happen, this would negate the work of many true missionaries and Bible believing preachers and cause many souls to perish.
THE GLOBALIST REASON FOR TAKEOVER OF CHURCHES: There are some preachers who are well connected to major political leaders and have become their agents to de-Christianize the world and globalize it.These pastor agents of this agenda cannot tolerate those who preach sound Bible doctrine and are effective in truly are evangelizing the world. They view major soul winning ministries who are preaching sound Bible doctrine saying, ‘Jesus is the only Savior’, as being major obstructionists to their plan of World Peace.They see us as their biggest enemies.They cannot even tolerate the true Gospel of Christ to be preached even at the grass roots level in the villages.We often wondered why would the Wall Street Journal would write a story about Celeste and myself and put us on the front page with another half page on the inside.The WSJ targets big money and the politically powerful.   
There are too many opportunists who are dealing treacherously with Christ’s church.These have no scruples nor fear of God.The Bible, God’s Word, means absolutely nothing to them.Many pastors and bishops at home and abroad will do anything for money. These pastors and bishops are not really shepherds, they are hirelings.They view their church as their business; their cash cow.They feel it is theirs to sell to the highest bidder.Truth is irrelevant to them.   

As I mentioned earlier, I am for helping the poor if there are no strings attached.What is happening though, is that some like Rick Warren are coming in like the poor’s savior and saying he will channel aid through the local pastors.There is a catch though.The national pastor must be re-indoctrinated with his Purpose Driven Life teachings and his doctrines or they don’t get aid.He has big strings attached to his aid programs which is taking advantage of the poor.This is unethical.It is literally using humanitarian aid to take over the churches making them Purpose Driven Churches which in effect would make him, a foreigner,their bishop.

Deut. 16:19 “…thou shalt not respect persons, NEITHER TAKE A GIFT: FOR A GIFT DOTH BLIND THE EYES of the wise, AND PERVERT THE WORDS OF THE RIGHTEOUS.”
Matt 16:26 “FOR WHAT IS A MAN PROFITED, IF HE SHALL GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD , AND LOSE HIS OWN SOUL? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”
CAN YOU BE BOUGHT?A person who can be bought is a prostitute.It seems a Judas is born every minute.

Rom 8:38-39 “For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

There are 565 humanitarian NGOs registered in the Kibera slums in Nairobi, Kenya.They have been there for many years. Kibera is one of the worst slums in Africa.Despite this, Kibera still has open sewers flowing throughout the entire massive slum of nearly 800,000.The hand dug sewage ditches are about one and a half feet wide and a foot deep.Raw sewage is running through every narrow street and path in Kibera. Little children are walking around these barefooted which makes it a great health hazard.Despite 565 NGOs being in Kibera for many years, there has been no visible changes at all in Kibera .Where has all the money gone that has being raised?Pastors there have told me that sometimes people are given a few shillings, but nothing that would affect their lives.Many times what is done is just for photo ops to raise money.Why no change?

 A prominent Kenyan friend of mine got connected with some major humanitarian programs from America which was sponsored by some high profile people.He was taken to the U.S. for a tour to present the plight of his people.Millions of dollars were raised, but none of the money was sent to the people of Kenya.On many other instances, when something is given here, it is only a very small pittance which rarely makes it to the poor themselves but the middle men. This misuse of humanitarianism is being repeated over and over.The need is of course great, but unfortunately, there are many opportunists who are using the poor to make themselves rich.This is not only stealing from the poor, it is stealing from the benevolent donors who are giving out of a pure heart of compassion. Some major ministries are using projects like putting in water wells in needed areas to get a beach head for themselves in villages and towns. In these instances, their good works are not actually motivated out of compassion for the poor as would appear on the surface. They are being done with guile, using these projects tactically to re-indoctrinate churches and ministries with their own doctrines in villages and towns and gain control of them. Another reason they do this is to give them a reason to raise massive funds at home from good hearted people. These water projects are needed, but it is unscrupulous to use projects as a power tactic to take over churches and national ministries. Those doing this have hidden agendas and are on many instances skimming off the top the lions' share of the funds and using them for themselves. It is a money making scam. This is the worst sort of robbery. Many African pastors can attest to this practice. It is a cunning practice that is being done over and over again. We are for developmental projects if they are straightforward with no hidden agenda, but too often that is not the case.  

Prov 22:16 “He that oppresses the poor to increase his riches, and he that gives to the rich, shall surely come to want.”Also see Mk 14:3-6.
Of course there are good, honest humanitarian programs, but they are not easy to find.

The New Age teaches that ‘man is a god’; that all religions come from the same source; that god is in everyone and in everything; and teaches the oneness of everything.The New AGE is actually just a new label for pantheism, Hinduism and Universalism.

THE MANTRA TODAY IS ALL PATHWAYS LEAD TO ‘GOD’,  focusing on the oneness of all religions.This is New Age and also parroting the U.N. 
The New Age teaches that’ We are all children of God’:Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Protestant, cults, pagans, atheists.
HUMANISM.Declares that man is his own savior, we don’t need Christ.
OPRAH WINFREY IS NEW AGE.She is the pastor and prophetess of millions of women.Oprah said,“Jesus is not the only way to heaven.” 
2 Tim 3:6-7 “For of this sort are they which creep into houses (TV), and lead captive SILLY WOMEN laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

The teaching that ‘Man is a god” is front and center in much of the Charismatic Movement.
FAITH.The Power of Positive Thinking has taken the place of having faith in God.
Some have perverted Mk 11:22 redefining faith.Those doing this teach that the formula to get something is: ‘BELIEVE IT, CONFESS IT, RECEIVE IT’.NOTE: God is not mentioned.When God is not mentioned in this formula, it is not Christianity, but New Age.
HUMANIST Robert Schuller teaches, ‘If it is to be, it is up to me’, in effect, making man his own savior.


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