Author: Loren Davis
January 02, 2009

Copyright 2009  Loren Davis

Illicit drugs flooding into America have been bringing hell and death to our youth and society for generations, but there is another threat that is just as deadly, alcohol.Alcohol is a form of a drug which is destroying millions.  Our ancestors recognized this and voted in Prohibition which outlawed liquor in America.But this generations' wisdom has reversed these laws and most counties have now voted to go wet.Now, as a nation, the party is on and we are in a stupor, intoxicated with alcohol, and the pursuit of riches and pleasure.   It is incredible that on a national level we are so educated and sophisticated, but at the same time seemingly cannot figure out what is causing our major problems.  On the surface America looks like heaven on earth, but beneath most are living a life of hell on earth.A lot of people are worried about our country, trying to point out what's gone wrong, and there should be introspection, but it appears we have missed the forest for the trees.The reality is that the volatile social, political and economic conditions we are facing as a nation are actually just reflections of what's happening to the majority of our people on a personal level.  

I don't want to come across to simplistic, but I'm just asking you to look at the evidence I'm putting forth in this article to prove I have discovered perhaps one of the major causes of our demise.  I want to stir your mind to think and your passions to act on the fact that   liquor is a major threat to our welfare individually and collectively.  Let's take a look at this issue from every direction and see what liquor is doing to our citizens and our nation.  Let us look at the impact it is having on us economically, socially, spiritually, and even on our national security.


Now not only is alcohol sold in liquor stores and bars, but also in restaurants, grocery and convenience stores. When you go to a convenience store you have to look around for the soft drinks because most of the space is taken up for beer. The grocery stores and shelves are now full of beer and liquor.  Many have sarcastically mocked at the era of Prohibition when booze was illegal.We know that during that period  there was a lot of bootlegging moonshine and making of home brew.Many criminals were profiteering from its illegal trade, but at least it wasn't so easily accessible and was stigmatized as being bad. The reason Prohibition became a law was because at this time there was an epidemic of drunks in the country, and so many of America's men and families were being torn apart and destroyed because of drinking.  At least during the time of Prohibition America had drawn a moral line recognizing that drinking liquor was harmful and a threat.It is incredible that the country has now recognized that smoking and fast foods are bad for your health, but at the same time is stone quite about alcohol which is even more dangerous on both the individual and social levels.
For many teens, drinking is a way to escape their problems and drown out feelings of depression and inadequacy.Studies show that teens like to drink liquor more than beer and wine. At teen parties, drinking dilutes their inhibitions and many engage in pre-marital sex and drugs.  Studies show that teens who drink are seven times more likely to engage in pre-marital sex and to have sex with multiple partners than those who do not.Drinking desensitizes one to sin and stirs up the passions that leads one into other forbidden sins.  For young women drinking greatly increases her chances of sexual harassment, unsafe sex, emotional distress and date rape.One night of drinking can ruin her life. It can lead to a lifetime of regret and smashed dreams.

Many teen parties turn from a night of fun into a night of nightmares. Beer and other alcoholic beverages lead teens to reckless behavior.Drinking is behind the majority of their fatal car wrecks, falls, drowning, homicides and suicides. 

Today, girls are just as likely to drink alcohol as boys.In many schools, among 6thto 12th graders, about 35 percent of the girls and 39 percent of the boys drink.Teens who drink alcohol are at greater risk to smoke and get addicted to illegal drugs. Teen drinking is the number one source of adult alcoholism.  Parents are tired of seeing their young people ruin their lives and die early prematurely.

I am for education.It is important to develop our minds in the study of the true sciences; math; history; medicine, etc., to better ourselves and society.  But at the university level one gets a mixed education.As freshmen, students are immediately introduced to the party life, getting drunk,  and illicit sex parties.In the class rooms they are then taught the humanistic philosophies that are anti-God, anti-Jesus Christ, anti- Bible and anti-Ten Commandments.Students are ridiculed by their peers if they don't party, then are marked and doomed to be loners on campus.  Most college students are naturally fighting depression at this age as they are entering adulthood,and few can resist the peer pressure. Liquor desensitizes you to wrong doing.  It is difficult for anyone to come through the public university system and not end up becoming a drinker, fornicator, agnostic or atheist.At universities the young people learn to be professional sinners who can intellectually rationalize and justify their sins.   This has become the university culture and tradition.Many come out of the university system being dependant on alcohol.  

Many drunkards were born into good Christian families and were taught right from wrong, but they started running with the wrong crowd partying and boozing it up.  They never thought they would eventually become a good for nothing drunk. What a disappointment and heartache for their parents. www.healthyyouth.org

The fraternities and sororities at the universities search for the brightest, best looking and most popular students to join them.Their initiations include dangerous and demeaning hazing, along with drinking and sex parties.These initiations are mandatory to give the new members the right of passage to become a part of the elite or ruling class.These frats and sororities use sophistry and logic to justify and teach their corrupt and immoral behavior. 

When their members graduate, most of them go into big business and politics. Is it any wonder that so much business and politics are done over a drink.Any clever person knows that liquor clouds the thinking and judgment of the one he is negotiating with, and helps position him to get the advantage.Political leaders use cocktail parties for their major social and government functions.  This has to affect their decision making ability.Why should we wonder why the nation is in such a mess.


A study at Duke University showed that students who binge drank every weekend of their freshman year scored 10 percent lower on IQ tests than the prior year. Other experiments reveal that even a small amount of alcohol lowers the learning ability of young people.  For teens who struggle academically, alcohol is doubly crippling because it affects their motivation.  Drinking interferes with a young person's mental and physical development.Young people who drink are gambling with their dreams and their future.  www.healthyyouth.org

Booze has brought about more destruction than war and pestilence.It is the appalling source of much misery and an integral part of gang activity and crime. It gives courage to the thief with his pistol.It is the source of chaos in the world.Most crimes are committed after criminals get boozed up to gain the courage they need to do their heartless work.Often unscrupulous lawyers get criminals off using argument of  ‘temporarily insanity', attributing the crime of their clientto intoxication and not being in their right mind.  Well, for sure getting drunk will make you temporarily insane, but no one made you drink.Drinking is a choice.Everyone knows where it can take you.

Alexander the Great killed his close friend after an evening of drinking together.  A famous NFL quarterback cheated on his wife.After a night of drinking with his lover, she murdered him and then committed suicide herself.He had everything going for him. What good does his fame and millions do him now?More lives needlessly wasted.We have drunken criminals flooding our streets.Our county jails are full of them every night.

We have laws against murder, theft and rape, but have legalized the sell of liquor which has the power to destroy self control and incite criminal behavior.To legitimize such a despicable business is to legitimize Satan's dirtiest scheme of destroying mankind.


One of the problems with drinking is it clouds your thinking and makes you lazy and irresponsible.Maybe you can manage drinking, business and family for awhile, but eventually it will catch up with you. Spending your money on liquor is throwing your money in a rat hole. It will cause you to make business decisions that you will someday bring you to a bitter end.  Some decisions we make are irreversible.

If you are rich, drinking has the power to dispossess you of your mansion and wealth.It will put you on the street living under a bridge somewhere.If you are poor, it will take away your ambition and will take the last morsel of food out of your mouth.  It will make you a sluggard.

Prov 21:17 ‘He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man: he that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich.* KJV(If one becomes rich, drinking will make him vulnerable to lose it).
Prov 31: 7 "Let him drink, and forget his poverty, and remember his misery no more." KJV
Many think they are the life of the party when they get drunk, but after awhile people will look at you and mock you behind your back and call you an ignorant fool. Booze will give make you act stupid; put you in a foul mood and eventually will turn off the opposite sex. It will bring you to a meaningless, wasted life of loneliness.

Drinking eventually destroys ones' looks; gives you a beer belly; red face; make your breath smell like rotten eggs; destroys your liver and contributes to heart trouble. A drinker is very susceptible to pneumonia and death.

Why is liquor so bad for us biologically? We all have blood corpuscles whose job it is to take the impurities of out of our system.Every seventeen seconds our blood completely circulates through our system. There are 4,000 pores per square inch on our skin.If you covered your body with varnish, it would take just 48 hours to kill you.Alcohol destroys these blood corpuscles.  The man who drinks becomes weak. He thinks he is alright, but he isn't.

Alcohol is so powerful that it will cook the white of an egg in just a few hours.Just think what it will do to your stomach.The reason drunkards stagger is because their nerves are partially paralyzed.The liver is the largest organ of the body.It purifies all the body's blood, removing the poisons then passes to the gall to the intestines which lubricates the body.

When a man drinks too much he feels bad and often doesn't feel like working.When the liver can't do its job, the poisons stay in the blood, the victim gets jaundice and then turns yellow.The kidneys try to purify what's left, but liquor also hardens the kidneys.Many drinkers have died of sclerosis of the liver.    

exercise religiously, yet think nothing of drinking which can take them to a premature  grave.Look at the young lady and young man who after a few drinks lost control and lost their virginity.  Many illegitimate children have been conceived as a result of these drunken trysts.Today society has become so reprogrammed that many look at losing his or her virginity out of wedlock as a virtue and not a vice. 

One of the big affects of drinking is the millions of illegitimate children who are being raised without their own father.  The other option is abortion.One sin leads to another and then another. Many women go insane or live the rest of their lives in deep depression after doing this.  Only God knows how many  lonely nights of crying and isolation  unmarried pregnant women go through because they just wanted to have a fun night out on the town drinking.After a few drinks, she lost control and became permanently scarred for life.

Look at the millions who caught some venereal disease or have gotten HIV from one of these drunken rendezvous.Drinking, affairs and HIV go hand in glove.This is why AIDS can't be stopped in Africa. Drinking makes one suicidal. Some seem to get away with drinking and seem to be able to control it, but many can't.Even if drinking doesn't take you down, your example most likely will destroy others, even those you love.How many have lost everything they love because of alcohol.The drinker ends up out of shape and eventually many become outcasts of society. Untold millions have drunk themselves into an early grave.

So many drink to cope with stress and to avoid reality, but the truth is instead of solving your problems, drinking exacerbates them.It compounds your problems and leads to more stress, higher blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. If one has heart trouble, the first thing the doctor will tell you to do is to stop drinking.Drinking is a short cut to premature death. 
Drinking alcohol impairs your judgment while driving a car; choosing a mate or making business deals. It negatively affects your decision making ability.Drinking is the spider luring the fly to the web.You may get away with it for awhile, but in the end it will eat you.

How many guys have had to get married to someone they didn't love because they got some girl pregnant.Many have had to leave school prematurely to support a family when they weren't ready.They forfeited their education and bright future for what they thought was just having a little fun.  How many businessmen have been conned in business deals after a few cocktails? Drinking makes you overconfident and oblivious to danger. It gives you a careless attitude.
The Country and Western song says it all, "Whiskey River Take My Mind".
Drinking has ignited many fights and an untold numbers of stabbings, shootings and murders.
1 Co. 15:32 "Eat and DRINK for tomorrow we die"
Many warriors take drugs or drink before they go into battle to build up their courage.Drinking makes them careless which often costs them their lives. Drunkenness will make you do foolish things.
How many drunken dare devils have lost their lives and taken the lives of others after being intoxicated and becoming fool hearty?

Lk. 21:34-35 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and DRUNKENNESS, and cares of this life, and SO THAT DAY COME UPON YOU UNAWARES…".
Many teens have gone out with their buddies to have a night on the town.After an evening of drinking beer they got in their car for a joy ride.After getting juiced up, some have played the deadly game of chicken.So often these nights end in tragedy with a night of having a good time ended terminating the driver's life as well as the life of his friends and others.  This scenario continues to be repeated in every generation over and over. What about the poor momma and daddy whose children or companion were needlessly slaughtered on the highway because some drunk ran into them?When will their hurt go away?Why is it illegal for a pilot to have even one drink eight hours before he flies?Life and death decisions are in his hands.Liquor fogs his thinking and puts him and his passengers in grave danger. 

Prov 31:6-7 "GIVE STRONG DRINK UNTO HIM THAT IS READY TO PERISH, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts."
Prov 23:30-32"THEY THAT TARRY LONG AT THE WINE ; they that go to seek mixed wine .Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself aright.AT THE LAST IT BITETH LIKE A SERPENT, AND STINGETH LIKE AN ADDER." KJV

I recently saw a sign on a restaurant that said,  ‘Family Restaurant and Bar'.What an oxymoron.How could family and bar go on the same restaurant when alcohol is the main destroyer of the family?  Parents think nothing of drinking in front of their small children anymore.Many parents give their babies and small kids beer thinking it's funny to see them act silly.In some families drinking is a generational problem.Unlike what some are saying, this is not caused by one's DNA. The reality is that most kids follow their parents' example.Like the Country and Western song about getting drunk, he wails, ‘It's a family tradition'.
Ex 20:5 "…visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation…" KJV
Many look in the bars for a mate. I'm sure you can find a mate in a bar, but if you marry them, more than likely they will still retain their appetite for liquor and the accompanying ‘pleasures of sin' that go with that lifestyle.Eventually, most of these people become unfaithful and return to their old ways.

Drinking keeps husbands and fathers away from their lonely suffering families.It sucks up the family's income.It will make you spend the money for booze instead of buying food to feed your babies. It impoverishes your children and makes you a bum and ruins your reputation.  It will take your family to the poor house.It will leave you to die penniless.  Liquor is one of the biggest heart breakers.  Drinking will  separate you from your dearest friends.  Alcoholism is pandemic in America!

Alcohol is the cause of many family fights and divorce.  How many booze orphan children do we have today because their parents became alcoholics?Even with organizations like MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, it still hasn't slowed down drinking.Few pay any attention to the passionate pleas of MADD, moms who have lost children to drunk drivers.


But many are crying, I have to have my personal liberty. This is a free country.I can do what I want.This might be a free country, but your liberty does not give you a license to step on others.Our forefathers did not fight and lay down their lives to give us a license to abuse or endanger others.Our personal liberty operates in the boundary of laws. 

If you live in the country you are free to do more things than if you live in a city with next door neighbors.  In the city you can't make your front yard a junk yard. Others have their rights, too. You don't have the right to infringe on their rights. In light of this, where is the personal liberty for the woman who goes around town late at night looking in the bars and night clubs for her drunken husband who is drinking and cheating on her? The same goes for the husband who doesn't know where his wife is at night.  How much heartbreak has booze brought over the centuries?Even with all our advanced education it seems we just can't catch on.  Just what kind of education is this?

Drinking has become completely legitimized.It is now a major part of weddings and other festivities.The fact is that the booze industry promises happiness but brings sorrow.It makes the husband lie to his wife and the wife to lie to her husband. It brings about abuse in the family. It claims to bring prosperity, but instead delivers poverty.It causes a boy to lie to his mother.It causes an employee to lie to his boss.It causes the businessman to lie to his client.Alcohol attacks the flower of womanhood and is an accomplice in destroying virtue.It is a thief.It degrades humanity.It is the devil's best friend and God's worst enemy.Its deadly work doesn't discriminate because of age or sex.It is a deadly enemy of the unborn.

Don't think that you are the only one who will suffer as a result of your drinking.When a man goes to prison his wife and children suffer as much or more than he does.His family becomes stigmatize and put to shame.  If you're a dirty, good for nothing, filthy, booze soaked bum, you'll soil everyone you come in contact with.

Some people say, "It's nobody's business how I live."How ignorant!If I saw a man beating his wife and heard his children screaming be terrorized by some red necked, filthy-mouthed bully attacking them, it is my responsibility to do something to help them. The brute may claim he has the personal liberty to beat his wife saying it's no one's business.That is not true!It is all of our business when someone is violated.

Millions flood into the bars in our cities nightly.None of them ever intend on becoming a drunk, but many of them do.Every drunk started down this forbidden path with just one drink.Liquor will make you heartless even towards your own mom and dad.All the drinker can think about is the pleasure he can get for the moment.The lyrics of the Country Western song, ‘Let the devil take tomorrow' articulates this mentality.The problem is ‘tomorrow' always comes.There is not only the devil to pay, but you will also have to answer to your family, the law, society and God.


If drinking wasn't so deceitful it wouldn't be so attractive.  The beer commercials are the funniest on TV, but the affect of its product is anything but funny. Their ads always show a good looking man with a beautiful woman drinking and having a good time. They don't show the immorality, unfaithfulness, venereal disease and heartache that accompanies this sordid lifestyle. Advertisers of beer target young men depicting them acting stupid and being more interested in beer than even a beautiful woman.They are telling the truth. Drinking does make you do stupid things and will eventually hurt your relationship with women.The beer and liquor marketers know that young men and women don't have the experience to know where drinking will lead them, and know that they seldom listen to the advice of their parents or elders. 

The booze industry knows for them to stay in business that they must create an appetite among boys.Their ads target young men who have no idea where this primrose trail leads.Beer is the biggest advertiser for the NFL, NBA, college football and basketball. This rationale doesn't add up. In sports athletes must be in top physical condition.Drinking and athletics don't mix. Drinking has cut short and ruined many an athlete's career.Many of them end up being alcoholics and squander their millions. 

The sports owners and school administrators don't care what impact beer has on the youth, the only thing they care about is increasing their advertising revenue. They are no more moral than a prostitute. Like a whore they will do anything for money.No wonder the Bible says, "The love of money is the root of all evil".  The sports owners and school administrators, like Pontius Pilot in the Bible, will advertise anything for a buck, then glibly wash their hands of the blood of millions of our youth, fathers and families.Money is their only god, the only thing they worship.  
I love football, baseball and basketball, but most professional baseball, football and basketball games have degenerated into massive drinking parties. I love a good rodeo but the Houston Rodeo has turned into nothing but a big repulsive drunk.That is incredibly seeing it is advertised as family entertainment.
The rebel thinks his parents are nothing but a bunch of old fashioned prudes, because in drinking he finds laughter, hilarity and fun.The drinking commercial ads are seductive and enticing, but their product will open a Pandora box and unleash demons in your life that you won't be able to control.


Many businessmen justify selling liquor saying they need it to stay afloat.  They say that if they don't sell it, people will get it from someone else.  Anyway, they rationalize, it's legal and people are going to drink whether it's legal or not.  Well, if that's the case then why don't we go ahead and legalize murder and stealing, because people are still killing and stealing even though it's against the law?

People have learned to justify anything they want badly enough. Many drink to socialize; to do business; to have a good time; to handle depression; to let off steam; to get relief from family issues; and to seduce the opposite sex.

Much of the Country and Western music is about getting drunk, cheating and heart break.Some of it's music is known as ‘Beer Drinking Music'.  There is a Country and Western song called ‘The Party Never Ends'.There has never been a bigger lie!  After getting drunk at a party the next morning you wake up sick as a dog.Many have no idea who they slept with that night.Too many times after a man has gotten into a drunken stupor he violently attacks another person.Where is the laughter now?Two lives have been ruined.The party is over!


It's the brewers, the bar owners, the marketers.They promote their beautifully packaged poison and camouflage themselves at their big family entertainment theme parks attempting to legitimize their beastly activity, while misery, wretchedness and poverty fills the land which is strewn with wrecked lives and death.If the beer and liquor industry were to disappear off the face of the earth today we wouldn't have to support the huge mass of human debris that follows in their wake.


Are the farmers really doing the right thing selling their corn to the breweries?The same bushel of corn which made liquor could have been used to feed a family somewhere, instead of making the brew which can turn a good citizen into a derelict or criminal.  Look at the cost of welfare supported by your tax dollars when society tries to pick up the pieces and support single mothers and fatherless children.Alcohol makes one self centered not caring what happen to even one's family or country.

It is incredible how many bars there are in cities.The money spent on beer and alcohol by many working men could have been used to put their families in nicer homes and give them a better quality of life.Is it any wonder why families' are struggling so bad financially and are becoming so dependant on the government to take care of them.Moral bankruptcy will lead to financial bankruptcy.When moral bankruptcy happens on a national scale it will bring a whole nation into financial bankruptcy.  Only God knows how much it costs to care for the insane, the oppressed and the abandoned families and children that the liquor business has left in its wake.  This is where so much of our taxes are going, trying to clean up the mess that the liquor industry has made.

The liquor industry fills the jails.Who pays for this?It is sure not the bar or liquor store owner.It's you, the hard working citizen. If money that is squandered on drinking and its accompanying vices was handled responsibly, savings would go up; sales of new cars, homes and appliances would go through the roof.

Beer and liquor have the biggest markup anything.It costs so little to make, but so much to buy.What would happen if the liquor industry were shut down?Most of those dependant on government Food Stamps would be able to buy their own food.The grocery stores would get the money. If people quit blowing their money on beer and liquor, they could buy steak instead of eating a steady diet of beans and junk food.Sales at clothing stores would go up.You could then dress your wife and children well instead of them having to go to second hand clothing stores.

Here's some of the chain of events that happens when drinking gets a hold of a man?It interferes with him holding a steady job making it difficult for him to pay hisrent.  His family becomes a ward of the state and they have to live on welfare. Now an extra burden is put on kind hearted people who have compassion on the drunkard's children. It's the hard working decent people who carry the heavy tax burden to support the institutions that care for the mass of broken humanity that alcohol has produced.  Where is the personal liberty for the sober, ambitious citizen who works hard to make an honest living.His tax bills keep soaring as a direct result of the insobriety of others who are living irresponsible lives.


Many politicians have been bought by the breweries. The brewers finance their political campaigns.These bought politicians then lobby for the liquor industry saying it's good for the economy.Whose economy are they talking about? These politicians justify the liquor industry saying we need its revenue to lower our taxes. Nothing could be further from the truth.The liquor and beer industry have never come close to paying for the damages they have done to society.

Are these politicians servants of the people or the breweries?  The truth is, they are not really public servants, but heartless self servers. The only reasons the bars have not been bull dozed down and abolished from the face of the earth are the money they generate and corrupt politicians who can be bought. 

Conservatives drink as much as the liberals; the cowboy as much as the yuppie; the patriot as much as the traitor.Today we have a lot of good ole beer drinking boys who talk about God and country, yet live lives of insobriety.Drinking has now become an integral part of the American way of life and a central part of our culture, no matter which side of the political spectrum you are on.We have legalized and legitimized this scourge of mankind.It is now socially and politically correct to drink even in a family setting.    

Money earned off alcohol is blood money.Newspapers, magazines, TV and Radio stations will advertise anything if the money gets right.Question?Who works the hardest for his money, the bartender, the liquor store owner or you? Some call religion a crutch.The truth is that drinking is the biggest crutch there is. It is a big rat hole to dump your paycheck into. It doesn't matter if you drink from a crude pine bar or a mahogany one, drinking can and will eventually bring you down.   Alcohol doesn't discriminate between the rich or poor, white or black, Asian or Hispanic.It is the great equalizer.It will equally bring everyone down to the same level.  It will put you and your wife in a pauper's grave.

Every drink makes you want just one more, and with each drink it becomes that much harder to stop.Some people get to the point that they just live for the next drink.So many drinkers are just good ole boys and girls just out to have a good time, not knowing that the booze is just the bait that is leading you to captivity.  


Who would be willing to give their boy for all the distilleries in America, and they have to have millions of boys and girls in every generation to stay in business.Someone says, we need the booze industry to help pay taxes.Question?Would you rather pay taxes in money or in boys?The brewers and liquor machine doesn't care how many lives they destroy. They only care about the bottom line, how much they can make off these morons.Their rationale is that if people are dumb enough to spend their money on alcohol, they deserve what they get.
There is not one boy I would give in exchange for every filthy dollar you get from the damnable liquor business.The liquor business is well aware that if it doesn't get more recruits to take the place of those dying off, it will go out of business.  The only dividend alcohol pays you isa beer belly, foul breath, red eyes, loss of health and a short cut to hell.

Some years ago researchers discovered that 75% of children with mental problems came from homes with drinking parents.  80% of the paupers became broke because of drinking.   82% of those involved in crime were committed by people under the influence of alcohol.Most murders, wife, husband or child abuse are linked in some way to alcohol.  Just because the liquor industry is legal doesn't make it right.Some argue that if they need to sell beer and liquor for their business to prosper. Well, for the price of a six pack of booze you can buy the best wrecked home, bloated stomach, broken hearts andfinest thieves.  


The bar hides behind beautiful beveled stain glass, mirrors, plush carpet and ornate chandeliers. It operates in the darkness of night so it can do its evil trade stealthily.Las Vegas and its casinos are prime illustrations.  If you will think about it, drinking and casinos go hand in hand. The casino owners and managers know that after you have had a few drinks your sensibilities will be compromised and you will operate by your passions and emotions and instead of your mind.After a few drinks, these hounds of hell know you are an easy prey to plunder.Liquor unleashes powerful demons so that even the most brilliant business man is capable of gambling the farm away.Millions leave the casinos having lost everythingbut the shirts on their backs.Casinos would close down if it wasn't for booze.


A SAW MILL uses as its raw material trees that it mills into lumber which is used to make houses, buildings, furniture and paper. 

THE STEEL MILL takes iron ore and makes iron which is used to make cars, ships, planes, buildings, etc.

A FLOUR MILL takes wheat and corn and mills it into flour for making bread and other foods.

THE SUGAR MILL takes raw sugar cane or sugar beets and refines them into sugar.All these mills are a blessing to mankind.

BUT THE BOOZE MILL uses as ITS RAW MATERIAL THE BOYS AND GIRLS OF AMERICA.They must have millions of boys every generation or they will go out of business.

They are willing to use everyone else's boys, but their own. In some places at least one out of five families has to provide a boy to be a drunkard to keep the booze industry in business.The bar tender knows what the finished product of the booze mill is.It's the staggering, red-eyed, good for nothing men that have turned into the refuse and scourge of the earth.The finished product of the brewers is the drunkard.He is miserable; his family is miserable and his community is worse off because of him.

Where is the end product of the liquor mill?You will find them sleeping under the bridges, in the jails, and in the asylums for the mentally ill.That's where you will find their finished product. Along with the illicit drug trade, the liquor industry is the most brutal, heartless, and unmerciful business on earth.If you dare, go to the morgues and see the horrific mound of bodies of the drunken dead that the grim reaper reaps and takes to hell every night.


The booze industry is the filthiest and most damnable business this side of hell. If the liquor industry could, it would shut down every church in the land. It would turn the churches abandoned altars into bar benches.The liquor industry laughs at heaven and mocks at hell.It derides love and ridicules virtue.It stirs men's passions which incites them to do the unthinkable.

The sermons at the bars are crude and filthy jokes and stories.The bar tables are covered with pornography which inflames men's lusts to forget their wives and to go after forbidden fruit which wrecks their homes and creates untold heartache.  Bars are the clearing house for depravity, poverty, and mental illness.  If we got rid of the alcoholic industry, in just a few years there wouldn't be so many in jails or mental institutions.The finished product of the liquor industry is the drunkard.He is miserable; his family is miserable and his community is miserable because of him.

The liquor industry would shut down every school. The drunkard's heroes are thieves, blasphemers and the morally depraved.Booze is what has filled up our penitentiaries and death chambers.Have you noticed that with all our technological advances, we still can't build prisons fast enough?Is this progress?Have we learned nothing?

It destroys everything around it.Its root is spiritual.Some call alcohol an ‘adult beverage', but that is not true.It's the ‘sinners beverage'.When booze flows morality goes.It deadens people's consciences and causes them to forget or reject God's commandments.Let the truth be known.Liquor not only the enemy of teens, but of adults as well.  
The bar is the devil's church.People can hardly sit in a Bible believing church for one hour on Sunday morning, but have plenty of time and money for the bar, drinking and revelry. The bars are packed out every day and night of the week.No one ever intends on becoming a drunk.Every drunkard who ended up homeless and on skid row got his start with just one drink.Every drunk in his early stages thought he could handle his liquor.He would be the exception. Men who become habitual drinkers rarely reform and most die prematurely. The root of alcoholism is not a genetic or physical disease, it is a spiritual disease.It is a manifestation of the condition of one's heart. Mk 7:21

We have been pouring money into booze sink holes that should have been spent on caring for our families and spreading the Gospel.  Imagine what it will be like on the Judgment Day.A drunkard dies and goes to stand before God at The Judgment.Mt. 5:21, He 9:27.A church member dies who voted to legalize alcohol to ease his tax burden.He also stands in line awaiting his judgment.The drunkard knows he is going to hell because the Bible says…All drunkards will go to hell, Gal. 5:21.He knows he deserves what he is going to get, but believe me, he won't go down without having his say.  Standing before God he will point his shaking finger at that self righteous church member.He will tell God that it's not fair that he should go to hell and the church member go to heaven, when he voted to legalize alcohol which made it easier for him to get it.

Rom 14:13 "…that no man put A STUMBLING BLOCK or an occasion to fall in his brother's way." KJV

Hardly any preachers ever preach about the evils and dangers of drinking anymore. Many preachers even have a brew themselves sometime. These preachers preach that God will accept you no matter what you do.These are just silver tongued orators, Jesus called them vipers, who are just serving their own bellies, telling people what they want to hear instead of really caring for congregations lives and souls.These preachers are role models that their congregations are emulating.The Bible says if we don't warn the wicked, his blood willbe on your hands. Eze 3:18
…seemed invincible until the main tendon in his heel was severed.Then his enemies were able to kill him.  This type of injury became known as an Achilles heel.Although America has been powerful, drinking has become our Achilles heel.As a nation, drinking has clouded the thinking and the judgment of our people and has made us vulnerable to operate on our passions and emotions rather than using our mental faculties.This is priming us for deception, ruin and destruction.  

America is ‘INTOXICATED' with booze, pleasures of sin, and the love of money.Good judgment, reason, the ability to think clearly, common sense and basic survival instincts have been shoved aside.Most people live by the slogan,‘If it feels good, do it.'The general population has almost in unison turned off their brains and are living in a fantasy land.Drinking makes people oblivious to danger.An inebriated people are easy to herd, control, exploit and conquer.
Luke 21:34-35 "And TAKE HEED TO YOURSELVES, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and DRUNKENNESS, and cares of this life, and so THAT DAY COME UPON YOU UNAWARES. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth." KJV

1 Pet.5:8 "Be SOBER, be vigilant, for YOU ADVERSARY, THE DEVIL, goes about as a roaring lion SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR."

Isa 22:13-14 "…let us eat and DRINK; for to morrow we shall die. And it was revealed in mine ears by the LORD of hosts, Surely this iniquity shall not be purged from you till ye die, saith the Lord GOD of hosts." KJV


In some mental institutions they have a technique to determine if someone has recovered or is still mentally ill.They put the person in a concrete room and turn a faucet on.They then give him a mop.If the man keeps mopping and never turns the faucet off they know he is still crazy.That is what we are doing.  We keep mopping up the mess and never can recognize the source of the problem.

If we got rid of the alcoholic industry, in just a few years we wouldn't have the need for so many jails, mental institutions or taxes.


2 Tim 3:7 ‘Ever learning , and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." KJV

1.NOAH.After the flood Noah GOT DRUNK and spoke a curse on his grandson.
Matt 24:38-39  One thing the wicked were doing before they were destroyed by the flood in Noah's day was DRINKING. 

2.THE GOLDEN CALF,Ex 32The children of Israel were partying, dancing in the nude.Drinking and immorality go hand in hand.

3.BAAL. Jer. 7:9, 18 DRINK OFFERINGS WERE OFFERED TO BAAL.  DRINKING was a part of the Baal worshippers' rituals and religion.

4.BELSHAZZAR.  Dan. 5:1-4, Drinking and partying.THEY WERE DRINKING AND GETTING DRUNK out of the cups from God's temple.

Whether it's brewed in a village hut or from the mega distilleries in the big cities, the brewers and their allies are under the curse of God Almighty.As welling as ruining millions of lives in every generation, they are sending generation after generation to a hell.

*Galatians 5:19, "Now the works of the flesh are manifest...v. 21, DRUNKENNESS, ...that they which DO SUCH THINGS SHALL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD."
Drinking deadens your conscience regarding right and wrong. 
1 Tim 4:2 "… having their conscience seared with a hot iron;" KJV

There are only a few people who have ever taken a drink who sometime or other have not gotten drunk.They either get drunk for having a good time or to sedate themselves over some heartache or problem.The for drinking and driving is not having a designated driver.  Most of the time everyone in the car has been drinking if they have been partying together.Drinking is like playing Russian Roulette.Some day when you pull the trigger a bullet will be in the chamber and the curtain will come down.Beer companies say on their advertisements, ‘Drink Responsibly!'What a joke! There is no such thing.You are rolling the dice with your life, your eternal soul and other people' lives when you drink.
Romans 13:13 "Let us walk honestly...NOT in rioting and DRUNKENNESS."

Today I am advocating diligence instead of slothfulness; sobriety instead of drunkenness; honesty instead of thieving; prosperity instead of poverty; peace instead of strife; and heaven instead of hell.


When I was ten years old I met a man named Arthur Locke.Mr. Locke had been a successful business man who had a wonderful family.He started drinking socially and then to handle his business stresses, but eventually he lost control and it brought him down.  He lost everything including his family.He ended up a broken bum in the soup lines on Skid Row in L.A.There is a good finale to his story though, because he turned to the Lord and God raised him out of skid row and redeemed him and made him a wonderful sober man.

Matt 4:16-17 "The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up. From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."KJV

John 8:12 "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world : he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." KJV

Drinking might be fun at the beginning stages, and start out as an innocent social thing, but the good times it brings lasts only for a season. The seducing lie of Satan is that the pleasures of sin will go on forever.Remember, as much as there is a sowing season, there is always a reaping season.There will be a harvest for the sins you have sown. 

Gal 6:7 "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth , that shall he also reap." KJV

Heb 11:25-26 "Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the PLEASURES OF SIN FOR A SEASON; Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt:"

Romans 6:23 says."The wages of sin is death..."

The Bible says in 1 Pet. 3:10, "He that will love life will depart from evil."


I am not trying to keep you from having a good time. I am trying to help you put nice carpet on your floor; food on your table; nice clothes on your wife and children's backs; and restore your dignity and self respect.  I'm trying to get you to save your money. Why buy mansions and limousines for the bar owners and brewers, while you grovel like a pauper or a slave?

A true Bible believing godly Christian has a much better life.He contributes to society instead of draining it.True Christianity stops corruption, lying, dishonesty, drunkenness and family abuse.Christ makes the home a haven instead of a war zone.Jesus will make you sober, vigilant, and strong physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.


It's at the root of your problems!YOU NEED JESUS!Unfortunately, most Americans have been programmed not to believe in the Bible or in Jesus anymore.Only Satan himself could be behind this damnable lie.Jesus and the Bible are your only hope.When I say the Bible, I am referring to the King James Bible which has not been tampered with. (See the article ‘Changing the Bible' www.lorendavis.com)

The truth is JESUS IS YOUR ONLY ANSWER.  He is the only Savior of the world. You need to be Born Again, Jn 3:3.Jesus can change the drunk and most vile and immoral person.He can change you and lift you out of your misery; bring real love into life; give you hope and faith and bless you beyond what you could imagine.I know because that is exactly what He has done that for me.   Untold millionshave found the Savior, Jesus, and have had their lives miraculously made brand new like Arthur Locke.

No matter what you have done, the good news is that God loves you and will turn your life around if you will let him.He will give you the gift of God which is eternal life through Christ Jesus'. Rom 6:23.If you will confess your sins and turn your life over to Christ, God will forgive you, 1 Jn 1:9.  Only Jesus can make you a new person and give you a new start in life.Will you ask Jesus into your life today? Why not right now?

2 Co 5:17 "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.OLD THINGS ARE PAST AWAY AND ALL THINGS ARE BECOME NEW."


Rom 10:9-11 "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed." KJV

*This article was inspired from some of the sermons by the late great evangelist Billy Sunday.

*Be sure to get the book by Loren Davis, 'The Paganization of Christianity' www.lorendavis.com


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