Author: Loren Davis
January 02, 2008

Copyright 2008 Loren Davis

Today, the mantra regarding religion is diversity and inclusion. A major political leader said, "We must tear down the wall between Islam and Christianity". Just what is that wall? That wall is that Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Muslims do not. That wall is Jesus! There are only two ways to tear down the wall between these two religions. Either Muslims accept Christ as the Son of God or Christians renounce there faith in Him as the Son of God. The reality is that the Muslims and Christians are not serving the same God. The atheistic far Left attacks Christianity incessantly, but at the same time gives Islam a pass. The Leftist secularists are behind the Interfaith movement. Why? It is not such a big secret what their agenda is; to neutralize and destroy Christianity. 

The U.N. and the New Age are teaching that it is not conducive for world peace to believe in an ‘exclusive’ savior. The political leaders of the West are trying to reconcile Islam and Christianity. They believe that this is the only way there can be world peace. These politicians are totally turning a deaf ear to what the Moslems are saying. Our politicians are still saying over and over that Islam is a peaceful religion. In Kenya, the American ambassador was quoted in the paper as saying that Kenya should give the Muslims more voice in the government. This is totally ignoring what the Muslims tried to do between 2003-2005. They made an all out effort to change Kenya’s Constitution and make Islamic ‘sharia law’ the law of Kenya. They said in their MOU in 2007 that the northern and coastal part of Kenya would become exclusive Islamic zones, and no Christianity would be allowed there. 

The Muslims are not looking just for equality. After 9-11 they declared that this was just the beginning of world-wide jihad and that they were not stop until Islam conquered the world. The Muslims are openly vocalizing their plans of taking over the whole world and ridding it completely of the infidels, particularly Judaism and Christianity. For some reason political leaders and the ‘intellectuals’ don’t believe they mean what they say. They are trying to convince us that it is only a radical sect of Islam that want jihad. There are Muslims who are peaceful, but overall their pacifism is just latent until Islam gets the upper hand. The fact is, Christians didn’t declare war on Islam on 9-11, Islam declared war on America, which they considered a Christian nation and Christianity. To understand the real intent of Islam, all one has to do is to look at how the Muslims rule Saudia Arabia and other totally Islamic nations. No other religion is allowed. There is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech. 

The Leftists are secular humanists and irreligious. Look what they have already done to our public education system. They have hijacked it with their atheistic ideology which is vehemently anti-Bible, anti-Christ, anti morality and anti everything America was founded upon. They also have hijacked our government. Now the government has outlawed the Ten Commandments on government property. The 9-11 memorial service was anything but Christian. It was sickening when our political leaders put Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc., on an equal plane. In prayers at government functions one can say God but not Jesus. 

The U.N. and many major political leaders are cunningly devising ways to integrate Christianity, Islam and the rest of the world religions into one new inoffensive world religion that will be accepted by all. One of the 2008 presidential candidates said that those who believe in the inerrancy of the scriptures are the biggest obstacle to world peace and have no choice but to change. Is that not threatening language to Christians? The Leftists talk of tolerance, but the reality is that they are the most intolerant people in the world, especially when it comes to Bible based Christianity. Getting rid of the Bible, Christ and Bible believing Christians is their unwavering ambition. Just how far will they go to stamp out Christianity? Look at history. Look what happened to Christians and Jews when socialistic communism took over the Soviet Union and China. 

The Leftists are atheists and socialists. Just tell me what difference is there between their ideology and that of the atheistic Marxist Socialist Communists? The Soviet Premier Kruschev promised that communism would conquer America without firing a shot and bury our grandchildren. As a result of the incessant indoctrination of our atheistic and socialistic educational system and the government’s socialistic programs, take from the rich and give to the poor, isn’t America becoming a socialist country? 

Much of today’s Christianity has also been hijacked by the Leftists and New Agers. Most preaching today in Christianity is nothing but a soft, inoffensive and politically correct gospel of psychology. Preachers talk about God, but seldom mention Christ. Today’s Christianity has become focused on humanitarianism, ‘helping the poor’ and ‘self-esteem’. We all want to help the poor, but much of Christianity, in the name of being ‘compassionate’, has now become a major platform for advocating socialism. 

Another major schism in Christianity is coming, otherwise true Christianity will be finished. The schism will be between liberal Leftist New Age Christianity and true Bible believing Christianity. In reality they are two different religions. The two no longer have any common ground and cannot coexist under the same umbrella called Christianity. 

In no uncertain terms, what we are facing today is not just a political war. This is a religious war. A big error which politicians and intellectuals make is to put all religions in the same category. This is exactly what Karl Marx did when he said the ‘religion is the opiate of the people’. The U.N. has concluded that religion is the main cause of war. It is not fair to categorize Bible believing Christians and Muslims together. Bible believing Christians are the most tolerant people in the world. True Christians do not try to impose their faith on others. They simply want freedom of religion to worship like they believe and to have the freedom to share their faith with others. Not so with Islam. They want to impose their faith, even by the sword on others. Look at all the recent Islamic jihads: Afghanistan, Kosovo, Kashmir, Kurdistan, Macedonia, the Middle East, Nigeria, the Philippines, the Sudan, and Uganda; a total of fifteen jihads. The raw truth is that Islam will never be pacified. Neither will the Leftist atheists. The Leftists like the Muslims, are trying their best to impose their godless ideology on Christians. They don’t want us to have a choice. 

The common ground for the Leftists and Muslims is that they both are antichrist. Neither of them will sleep until they finish off Christianity, the Bible and Christ. To believe otherwise, is to be naïve, illiterate, live in a fantasy world or to be one of them. This is the antichrist movement that the Bible prophesied was coming. These antichrist forces do not intend to stop until they conquer the whole word. (See the article: "A Central World Government is Coming").

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